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CosMedix Skin Care

I’m so excited to introduce you to our new product line I've chosen for all my skincare treatments. CosMedix!!!! After hours, days, months researching which line fits best with my believes, trust and goals for my clients this line topped the cake! In the past years I've worked with different skincare lines with high results, but did not quite fit exactly what my clients were looking for.

CosMedix is a botanical-based, corrective line. It bonds powerful antioxidants, naturally derived anti-agers and healers, purified ingredients transformative results without irritating the skin, and created without dyes, paragons and harsh chemicals.

The exceptional component of this line is their purification process. The ingredients used in their products are filtered to only contain molecules which interact positively with your skin. The purity of these ingredients allows for the highest concentration of actives, without the irritation or side effects of traditional skin care.

I'm enthusiastic and eager to provide you with these amazing facial treatments! We will reveal the best skin of your life with CosMedix!

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