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Is Acne Putting A Squeeze On Your Lifestyle? Pore Over These Beauty Tips.

Acne is upsetting at any age. Pores clogged with oil, hair and skin cells are hard to cover up. Did you know that there are different types? This time we tackle a common form of this skin condition that many of us have experienced--hormonal acne.

Hormones are chemical messengers that regulate most of the human body, including the production of oils and sebum in your skin. Sometimes mature oil glands that produce natural skin oils become blocked when they mature. When that happens acne lesions or scars can develop. Many body functions and conditions affected by hormone fluctuations can also cause acne.

Common causes of hormonal acne include:

• Puberty

• Stress

• Menstrual cycles

• Certain birth control pills and methods

• Pregnancy

• Peri- and post-menopausal hormonal changes

• Eating certain foods, such as peanuts, corn and canola oil, dairy and gluten, or drinking alcohol

• Medical conditions, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and rosacea

• Certain medications, such as thyroid medications

Hormonal acne outbreaks that can be helped medically include PCOS, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy and thyroid abnormalities. Be sure to consult your doctor about acne caused or made worse by one or more of those conditions.

The good news is that many more conditions—including menstrual, menopausal and teenage hormonal acne—can be helped or treated by adjusting your lifestyle and skin care regimen.

Consider making these lifestyle changes on your own:

  • Start eating healthier. These changes help reduce internal inflammation that can show up on the skin:

- Avoid nut, dairy and gluten products and limit your intake of alcohol.

- Consider adding supplements like probiotics, zinc, and fish and omega 3 oils.

  • Use only soaps, detergents, fabric softeners, etc., that are formulated for sensitive skin. Change your pillowcases regularly.

Ask a beauty professional! Estheticians have a number of acne-fighting products to recommend for your skin type including:

- Clear: This Deep Cleansing Mask is the perfect way to supercharge your acne-fighting regimen. Apply this mask up to three times each week for 5-10 minutes to gently draw out pore-clogging impurities and balance oil production.

Why it works: Vitamin B3-based niacinamide helps to improve skin texture and tone for a visibly smoother complexion.

- Clarity: This morning and night Skin Clarifying Serum is our secret weapon to eliminate acne. The retinol and salicylic acid work together to exfoliate the skin and unclog pores to visibly reduce breakouts.

Why it works: After exfoliation, this powerful serum, formulated with aloe vera and other botanicals, soothes and calms the skin with each use.

- Mystic: One of the best ways to combat irritated and inflamed skin is with a proper hydrating treatment. Mystic is a hydrating mist that helps to eliminate dry skin, reduces the appearance of oil and protects skin from environmental and free radical damage.

Why it works: This lightweight formula is packed with Sodium PCA to help boost hydration and prevent moisture loss in the skin.

- Phytoclear: Hormones change as we age, which may trigger breakouts not seen since adolescence. Clarifying ingredients in Phytoclear help minimize the appearance of blemishes and shine. The result is smoother, clearer-looking skin for those experiencing postmenopausal skin changes.

Why it works: Phytoclear helps balance and moisturize mature, problematic skin with phytohormones to help fight signs of aging.

In your search for the right products, start slowly before adding more. A professional, licensed esthetician has the experience to analyze your skin, put you on an in-office treatment plan and recommend correct professional products for your skin type. Whatever your age, it’s never too late to achieve clearer, smoother skin!

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