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Your Fresh Complexion – Make It a Sign of Spring!

While recent temperatures seemed to be on a roller coaster, spring really is on the calendar. We’re so excited for the days to warm up, the sun to rise later, and to welcome the smell of fresh blooms.

Speaking of which, what about the bloom in your cheeks? Is your skin spring ready? Or, is what’s left of winter still keeping your skin from looking its best?

When the weather warms up, we tend to turn down the heat and open our windows to let fresh instead of recycled air run through our homes. This gives our skin a chance to breathe and adapt to the new season. But, typical for the Midwest, we’ve had weeks (sometimes in a single day!) that start chilly and blustery—heaters blasting 24/7—and end up warmer and moister, almost needing air conditioning. You may not realize that these sudden changes put your skin through dry and moist processes as well.

Just what are those changes doing to your skin? Basically, both heat and A/C create lots of dehydration. Plus, windy conditions can cause a lot of TWL (trans-epidermal water loss), what happens when body moisture evaporates as it passes through the epidermis into the atmosphere. That’s why, at this time of year, as in winter, we need a more occlusive (blocking) moisturizer that forms a protective layer on top of the skin to seal water in and prevent water loss. My all-time favorite is Emulsion, Humidify from Cosmedix

Before that, I highly recommend getting a face treatment to recalibrate your skin and balance out lipids and water. This will rehydrate the skin while removing dead skin cells that have built up causing surface dryness, clogged pores and a lack of oxygen. So, yes, that gray complexion means that your skin is actually asphyxiated!

Next, as the season changes, switch out a couple of things from your skincare regimen, such as a moisturizer. Opt for one lighter in weight—I’m currently obsessing over Shineless and, for extremely oily skin, Mystic. Also think about switching out your cleansers and serums for those that make sense to use right now and as the season warms up. Your esthetician is your greatest resource for finding the best products for your skin right now.

Change can come from the inside out. So, while you plan for all the events and activities spring and summer can offer, be sure to take some quiet time for a walk or bike ride in a city park, a forest preserve or along the beach. Let your mind, body and soul reconnect with nature. Add more healthy items to your table. With farmer’s markets opening and more fresh produce available even at supermarkets, this a great time to try on healthier eating habits. And, eating more greens and fresh fruits instead of too much sugar, gluten or dairy also contributes to a healthier complexion. But when you’re out and about, be smart about sun exposure. After all, the number one age-causing culprit is the sun. Cover up when practical and wear a hat. Double up on sunscreen—it should be broad spectrum and at least 30 SPF or above. Will block UVA for aging and UVB for burning.

A spring that takes its time breaking out of winter mixed with warm days that seem to never end can give your skin a split personality—too dry one day, too sweaty the next. But making a few changes to your skin care regimen and taking a few moments each day to tweak your lifestyle habits can really pay off. Soon you’ll have a complexion that invites more than the sun to kiss it!

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