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The Potion That's Time In A Bottle

Remember having acne? Back then, dermatologists prescribed powerful topical Vitamin A medicines in the retinol family. It wasn’t an easy regimen, with weeks of build-up to regular use plus skin irritations, but the stuff more than tackled our acne. Long term, it actually even made our skin smoother and clearer.

How? Years of studies confirmed that, beyond treating acne, retinols also increased collagen, tweaked the blood vessels and speeded new skin cell growth, all ways that keep skin healthy looking. We kept looking younger as we got older.

However, it became harder to use our secret benefit into adulthood since it was usually prescribed only to acne-prone teens.

The best way to use retinol is at night before you go to bed, as it can make your skin very light sensitive. Start twice a week; then, once your skin has built up a tolerance for it, you can use retinol every third night. Because it releases slowly throughout the night, capsulated retinol is better for dry and sensitive skin than non-capsulated retinol.

Of course, you should be using a sunscreen every day, even when it’s cloudy! But, regular use of retinol means that that your skin is now even more sensitive. So, sunscreen becomes extra important.

Your face is the place that shows the first signs of aging, so do you really need to speed up the process? I am more than happy to advise you on the best retinol regimen for your skin, along with any of your other skin concerns.

Remember, it’s never too late to help turn back time!

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